Midsommar på Slamrekullen


Lovely summer – lovely midsummer.

This summer we got lovely weather, not to hot, not to cold – unusual! Everyone wants to sit ourside at long tables and eat, but it usually always rain, if not, we are chased away by knobs and mosquitoes! NOT this year! Because the weather was ok (only a quick shower in the afternoon), and we have a perfect solution to the problem mosquitoes and knots – THERMACELL. (When we turn it on, it creates a knob and mosquito-free zone of 20 m2). So now we can enjoy our lovely summer evenings outside! I think the invention almost qualifies for the Nobel Prize……for peace…..in the forest 😉 We got one for our guests in the cottage, and one for us.


Everything is so green and lovely in the forest. This year it rains now and then – just as it should. On midsummer we harvest our own strawberries.


Slamrekullen is our favorite place in the hole world – it is our paradise! In our paradise is a new green house where I grow tomatoes and much more – there you will find me this summer 🙂

Wish you all a lovely summer!