Our toilet


I have just been out and cleaned and fixed on the toilet. This week, the plumber was here and connect the water to the new water tap. Craftsmen´s really great! Can fix the electrical wiring and water connections you shall not make by yourself. But they leave the room quite messy! I wonder, why is there sawdust all over the toilet? Well…it was fine, now when I have cleaned away all the dust. Wondering if it was the last sawdust, I cleaned away? You have no idea HOW much sawdust I have cleaned, in this house….OMG!

Now, the toilet in the outhouse is complete. On the walls I hung up Annies old window, and a waching pat fråm 1841. I think it´s nice and beautifully with old tings. Things that we saved, find there places in our house, even though it´s only on a toiletwall….


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