”Slamrekullen news”

Today I have been in the ”uthus” preparing and fix the house for a small family from Germany, arrives tomorrow. At the loft is now our ”mum-dad-child-bed”. And on one of the pillows lying my little puppy,  wating for a small friend.

At Slamrekullen we have different ”bed options”. We got this big bed (270 cm wide) when we got a family with kids as our guests. If the child is younger, off course we got a cot. When we get a hole family with older children, we making the beds downstairs, in the ”sofabed” and one extra bed. As you can see, there are many opportunities in the cottage 😉



Today Ronny put up the child gate at the top of the stairs. We do not want any somersaults down the stairs!

A little fun thing, I come up with last week –  was this little green, edible bouqet. Instead of flowers, I picked a bouquet of herbs. There are chives, parsley, basil and lemon balm. I wrote a small sign in the bouquet – it´s allowed to eat  🙂



In the cottage we got a green guestbook. It´s always so exciting to see if the guests written anything. Usually the have! If they write in German, I try to translate….with some help from ”Google translate”. This I read yesterday in my dear book.


Our previous guests, Sebastian and Adriana, was the first who saw moose at Slamrekullen. It was a ”mother-moose” and her two newborn calves which stumbled across the road. I look out for them every day, but I don´t think I will have such luck.

We have quite a lot of moose in the woods around here. Two weeks ago I saw five during a week. The first moose is a yearling I photographed 500 meters from Slamrekullen. The bottom image on the calves, I got from Sebastian and Adriana 🙂



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