Our summer lakes

IMG_2570In our naerest summer lake swinging a small boat with a very grand name – yes, it is I who named her. ”Lotta of the seas” is our own little cruiser in Trolla lake.

Last night we took a ride in the boat. In our basket was shrimpsandwich and ”champagne” from Mosel. Ronny wanted to try some fishing……it did not work so well……

Our lake is small, but wery cozy 😉


There are two others, much bigger lakes nearby. It´s ”Hjärtareds lake” there are several bath / beaches. 4 km from us, I have a secret beach, where you can swim all by yourself, (top photo, left). ”Stora Neten” is another large and deep lake. There are boats for hire at both of this lakes.


I also want to show you our new entrance to the house. Ronny and some boys from KS entreprenad was sweating for three days, then our ”Uthuset” got a nice wall with stairs. It is so nice! A quick trip to the big, yellow store (Gekås) our convenience store, to by two large pots and two plants, did the entrance complete.


Tomorrow it´s already August, but we hope for many more summer days and lovely summer evenings 🙂




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