”The fireplace time” is here!

img_4689It seems we`ll skip the autumn!

The summer will never stop! But we can see in the nature – it´s not summer anymore. And the evenings get darker and darker, and colder! Not until this week, we and our guests in the cottage start to light the fireplaces. So, therefore I say – the ”fireplace time” is here!

The warm colors in the natrue is so beautiful. I´m out and take a lot of pictures wery often. Ronny works with the woodpile, and I have start to look for fine Christmas trees in the forest 😉 Yes, I´m early, but it´s nice to know were the finest grows.

In the cottage we have guests, from Denmark, Seweden and Germany. The Danes and the Swedes want most to shop at Gekås. (Many get quite superised when they read in our information binder – there is so much else to see and do nearby.)

Welcome to Slamrekullen in the autumn and winter!

We nerver know when the winter and snow arrives. It feels pretty distant right now, with this higt temperatures we got. But soon it´s October, and after that….November and after that…..

For those who enjoy snow and skiing, there are many long ski tracks in Åkulla (10 km) from us. We also got at ski slope in Ullared (10 km). When there is minus degrees, they produces snow in ”snow cannons”.

http://www.akulla.se/      http://www.ullaredsslalomklubb.se/


At Slamrekullen we love the Christmas holiday!

We start to ”light up” the cottage in November. Just while Gekås and ”Christmas at Liseberg” lights theirs candels. (Liseberg is located in Gotheborg 100 km from us).

We look forward to a cozy and relaxing autumn at Slamrekullen.

Lotta & Ronny


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