New photobook in the house and…….

more ”tips on trips” in our information binder.

The summer is here soon (I hope) and we have noticed that many of our guests sometimes wish to go on longer day trips. Therefore, I have added some of our own favorites. Here I show some of them.

I start with my sisters favorite – Marstrand, distance 2 hours, ca 150 km.


Another wonderful place is Smögen. But then you have to drive another hour 😉

Marstrand and Smögen is two wonderful places in summertime (not in wintertime).

In Småland (distance 200 km, 2,5 hours) is our ”Crystal glass kingdom”. The two famous ones, is Kosta and Orrefors. Shop and sales and glassblowing.



If you want to be sure to meet a moose……..

In our forest there are elks, but they does not appear so often. Then you can visit Laganland! (Distance 120 km, 1,5 hour).


A trip to IKEA a rainy day? Always a good idea! Or mabye a ride with lovely island horses on the beach? (

We have made a photobook to Uthuset!

Many of our guests, vistit us in the summer time, like to see how it looks in wintertime.

And our winter guests like to see how it looks in the summer…….

Now we have collected many pictures from all the seasons in one book.



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