Back home

As we say in Sweden ”borta bra, men hemma bäst” mening ”away is good, but home is best”. We love to go on holiday, particularly to hot summer places like Florida. But two weeks is enough. Enough for calm down and relax, and enough for being homesick 😉 My little cats (Svante & Sven-Ingvar), are also on holiday, in a ”cat-guest-house”. They also think two weeks are more than enough!


But now, we are home again. Just in time to enjoy the spring. The spring flowers had blossomed and all the birds singing in every tree and working on their nests.

This weekend, we had wonderful spring days. We took the opportunity to fire up the old branches and authumn leaves. The new flag was hung on the wall and I also began to prepare for Easter. In Sweden we like to hang feathers in a bush……

I did yesterday down at the road!


On Thursday, we got new guests from Germany!

……and the cottage must be clean and nice.

When I was done, I decided to go shopping at Gekås (our famous department store). A lot of things we needed. A new dorrmat e.g. When I walked around and looked, I saw a fine bedspread and pillows in the same color – ashpink (we say). They would fit so well on the loftbed. And I was right.

Look how nice it became! ”Springlike”.

We hope for fine spring days.

Greetings from Slamrekullen 😉


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