Februari – It´s cold!

Outside, there are many minuses, and it will be even more colder the following days.

We do not have so many guests during this period of the year, so we take the opportunity to fix some things in the cottage….

Pant the floor…….and the railing.

New curtains from Gekås 😉

We have also put some new (old) tings in the house, and removed others.

It´s Anders Petters old trunk from 1890s as he packed his stuff in, and went to America. But he longed home, so he went back to Sweden again. Now I got his traveled trunk on our seeping loft 😉

It will take another two months until the spring is here……we long for the sun and warmer temperature……..

Ronny, how cold is it outside now?

It´s  – 7,5C

– BRRRRRRRRR!!!  But I sit beside the fireplace, so ringht now I´m varm. We have also filled up with wood, to the fireplace in the cottage, to our Danish guests, coming tomorrow.

10 Februari – We have had real winter this week!

I was down at our small lake today, took some pichtures and look for a snowman!! And I found him! (Our Danish guests made him some days ago, ”Mr Frost” is his name.

Our little lake is som nice, both winter and summer – all seasons! 🙂


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