Hello! From ABC- islands🌞

Hello our dear guests and friends❀

We will send you all a sunny greating from our vaccation. Every year in march, we went to Florida and also a cruse to the carribbean. 16 march we left a cold and snowy Sweden……

………. for a warm and sunny Florida and a cruse to the carranbean islands. This year we wisited the ABC – islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaso). It was a wonderful cruse, and no waves😉

In time to celebrate easter, we are home again! Home to take care of our dear guests, (our season starts now) and Ronny is ready for a new season on the racetrack😉 We had a hard and cold winter this yaer, and we hope the snow is gone when we got back. Now we whant spring, sun and ‘fika’ in the sun🌞

We wish you a happy easter, and a warm welcome to Slamrekullen.

❀❀ Warm greatings from Lotta och Ronny at Marathon, Florida Keys🌞


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