It´s a first time for everything!

The past weekend it was:

The first snow fell down on us – we like!

The first ”morining-ice” on the pond.

AND I plant my first fir!

Two years ago, we had a deforestation in the forest. Within two years, we need to plant new trees. 2000 small fir plants going down into the ground.

Nice rows of plants, two meters between them. The ground is rocky and full of twigs and stubs. But it´s very nice to plant new forest. They will grow there for many, many years (50 – 70 years). It´s not we who will harverest them.

I have read somewhere, that planting a tree is sending a greeting into the future. It´s nice. I have sent many greetings now – planting approx 100 trees 😉

fullsizeoutput_1245CFD1E92F-8C94-4DF1-9F15-2D8596114F91Soon it´s november…….and Christmas start to sneak in……


Love from Slamrekullen.


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