6 Juni – Sweden´s National Day

Today, we celebrate the day of SWEDEN, and lifts all flags and celebrate in yellow and blue – and the nature do the same 😉

IMG_4332fullsizeoutput_1c11.jpegThe sun shines on us and it is almost thirty degrees celcius – hot summer!

Last week we got 12 small goldfish in the pond. Every evening we feed them with bread, then they come and eat. We had two carps last summer, but unfortunately they died. The summer last year was incredibly hot, it didn´t rain and the quality of the water was bad.

We are planing for a small fountain that can oxygenate the water. We must take care of our little ones. It´s so fun to sit on the bench and watch the goldfish swim around – better than tv 🙂

The nature is full of animal children. I saw this little cute child´s butt in a forest ditch this week!



Off course, our garden is for our guests as well. It´s wonderful to sit on the bench in the sunset with a nice glass of wine and watch fish and swallows flying around.

News for this month!

Now you can find us on ”airbnb”

Why? Because our ”HomeAway” is not so famous. It´s so many more people talking and looking on ”airbnb”, but we still got ”Homeaway”, we just want to try both for a while.


Now, I will go and invite Ronny for a drink – my favorite – ”Greyhound” (Just ice, vodka and grape juice.)

…….and we continue to celebrate Sweden´s day!



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