Sunny days in May

Svante shows how easy it is to relax in this place 😉

We have had some nice days with summer temperatures. Wonerfully!

Swedish fika” in the garden and in the greenhouse and on the blanket. But, we have not only fikat” all day long, oh no! We have worked hard to fix the area around the greenhouse. Ronny has driven back and forth with a small dump truck loaded with stone, gravel and soil. Soon we will start laying tiles.

In the meantime, I have set up a sunscreen and planted tomato plants and filled soil in new cultivation boxes. I tink it will be very nice.

In a pot, I planted a larch three. I think it looks a little bit oriental now, and with all the bamboo inside. When we work so hard and well, we are worht a glass of cold white from Mozel 🙂

This is the wiew we see every day from our houses. The sun does not always shine like this, but nature is always beautiful and full of life, scents and peace and quiet.

We would like to welcome you, as our guests, to enjoy all this as well.

Our lovely place in the world – Slamrekullen 🙂


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