I´m waiting for snow!

………and winter. Only some weeks now until we light the Christmas candles.

It will be Christmas this year anyway, despite misery and viruses. We got the Covid infection from our trip to Florida in March. Ronny was really bad for two weeks. I just felt weird, feverish, a little cough, and a strange feeling in my chest. Some weeks ago, we tested us for antibodies for Covid – 19. And the test was positive. We have had the virus, and we can be quite safe – at least for 6 months ahead. Oh! What I long for until the disease is gone!

But we have guests in our cozy cottage anyway! We have at least two days between each guest and extra cleaning. Right now we also have ”check-in-yourself” (you open and enter yourself). It will probably be like this for some months…….

But I hope for snow, because I have bought a ”kick”!

This is a ”kick” (”spark” in swedish). I long for snowy and icy roads when I will test drive my ”kick”.

Meanwhile we wait for snow, we have had an octoberfest!

We like Germany! The last week in october, we had an german oktoberfest with our dear neighbors. It was bier, würste, sauerkraut, Brezein, ”ompa-ompa” musik, apfelstrudel, kein football 😉 Is´nt we cute !?

But good things are happening in the big world as well – Joe Biden will be President of the United States (thank God!) These are nervous days with worrying news, so…….

Now it is soon Advent, and ”tomtarna” start to move, and are awake late at night. We have noticed – it shines in the stump!

Picture from last year – no snow yet!

But soon……. Christmas will sneak into the cottage…….

Warm welcome to spend Christmas at Slamrekullen 🙂

Lotta & Ronny


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