The summer is ON!

Hi, from Slamrekullen! Today we had a lovely summer day, the fourth in a row, and it will not end yet. I have made a small, cozy and sunny place for our guests to enjoy breakfast. (The guest´s terrace is on the other side of the house and has afternoon sun).

IMG_5340I tried the chairs and a breakfast – nice!

After my breakfast, I started to made the cottage ready for two German guests coming tomorrow. Meanwhile I worked, I got visited by a bird, flying in to the house. Two times 🙂 Many butterflies and bees buzz among dandelions and blueberry flowers.

All time we try to find new things to put in the house, things that our guest would need and like. Facing the bath season, I have put two large Beach towels in the wardrobe. AND a map! A map showing the best lakes or sandy beaches around.



In the local area, there are many nice walking or jogging roads – so don´t forget your shoes!!

When I was done, I sat in the sun with a glass of cold Prosecco – Jammi!


I hope we got a lovely week with a lot of sun!

But now, I have to see how the hockey is doing…… Sweden – Canada in WM final….start soon.

In Sweden we call it ”hockeymys” (”hockeycozy”) so, now I´ll have hockeymys!

Hejja Sverige!!!


Oh….I forgot….must show this picture from a rainy day last week. Taken from our window.


Have a wonderful week!



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