Sweden´s National day – 6 June

Started with sunshine…..

IMG_5366I went out with the camera and took some pictures on this lovely summer day. Not until now, our rhododendron start to bloom. It´s late!


Our dear guests in ”the Uthus” (a lovely family from Germany) went to Borås zoo, (ca 120 km from us).

We wanted to celibrate our National day, with a nice dinner, so we went to ”Mandy´s” it´s a resturant with 50 – 60 style, (only 15km from us). They make very tasty hamburgers and deserts, but I don´t usually have room for them…..pity 😦


”Full and happy” we drowe back home…….then it started raining……a lot!

And it continued……and continued……fullsizeoutput_3cc9

In two days (48 hours) there has been 84 mm of rain! So, the whole forest is like a big, wet sponge! (And it´s probably not finished yet….)

And I really have to practise the German language!

Our nice little family from Germany said ”goodbye” to us yesterday, and the kids told me things (in German) about ther animals back home and, that she would start school after the summer and more………..

I have never wanted to speak German more, then I did yesterday!!

Today I found some small, nice things in the house – a fir cone in the window and a stone collection on the terrace 😉

Wonderfully! 🙂






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