Pictures from last week

A wonderful summer evening, we packed the basket and went to the boat in our little lake. Ronny got a big fish 🙂

My childhood beach, Skrea strand (Skrea Beach in Falkenberg, 40 km from us, 5 km long). I´m born in Falkenberg, where there are several beautiful beaches. This is the nicest and most popular. Thursday last week we had 27°C and the beach was crowded!

I was there with my ant and my father. We bought some grate lovely ice creams there 😉


On my forest´s walk i found some chantarelles. Not so many, but enought to make a tastefull risotto.


Today we are going to another nice place – Laxbutiken in Heberg. Laxbutiken is both a shop and a restaurant, where you can buy salomon in all forms. Now in the summertime, they have a wonderfull salomon buffé…….I´m going to take some pichtures and add them later.

Sunny summer greatings from Slamrekullen!




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