First day of autumn.

fullsizeoutput_3fa31 September – the summer is over 😦

Where did the summer go? I watied and waited for ”the real summer heat”, but it never came, and now, it is September – autumn.

We had many nice days of sunshine, of course, but no days there ”I MUST TAKE A SWIM IN THE LAKE”!!!!

No, nothing like that at all……..

…….but I like autumn. I like the cold mornings, when the sun shines in the cobwerbs and the fog lies like a smoke over the lakes – then you can light a fire in the stove! And take amazing pictures in the nature.

Ronny has worked to cut in a lot of wood, for all the cozy fireplaces, both to us and to our guests.

Now the shopping time begins on Gekås – before Christmas!


AFA74C92-50EF-471A-A73B-94D133D27C4AAnd we have dug the pond bigger!

We pumped all the water away, and dug a bit more……now we are waiting for the pond to be filled again – one week or two.


Have a wonderful September!

Love from Lotta & Ronny


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