We long for rain!


YES! Some small drops finally fall from the sky……

But we need a lot! It is a disaster for our farmers and their animals. It is a disaster because the forest is so dry and the leaves are yellow and falling….

In the north of Sweden, there is several forest fires wich are difficult to extinguish. It is fire prohibition in all of Sweden.

It is also adisaster for our plants, the lawn and my sunflowers 😦 The fish in our pond get less and less water every day….

BUT, right now it rain!!! I hope, from now, we got a normal summer. With some sun, some rain and temperatures we can handle, (not over 30°!!!)

But we have some wonderful days so far……with out rain…….bath in our lakes, canot trips with fishing and lots of lots of ice cream!!!!

Love from Lotta & Ronny at Slamrekullen.



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