Weekend in Marstrand ;)

This weekend we changed landscape, leave Halland for a visit in Bohuslän and Marstrand. (One of my sisters favorite places). I had never been there, so it would be exciting.

Friday, we drowe ca 150 km, to Marstrand, it took ca 1 1/2 hour. We left our forests and lakes, for archipelago and the sea. A total change of scene! We started our stay with a cold beer and a big shrimpsandwich! (This is the land of seafood!) Then we wisit my sister in here ”house-car”.

Saturday – we will go for a walk – the black trail! It was wonderful, absolutley wonderful! My sister had prepared a lunch for us,  with chamapgne. She is also wonderful 😉

Fiwe kilometers we walked, up and down. Many photo stops it became. On Marstrand there is no sandy beaches, but many small bath piers. My sister took a bath 🙂


In the evening we crossed the little channel to Marstrands island by the ferry, and visti a nice resturant called ”Världshuset”.

We can really recommend this ”day trip” during your stay with us. But only on sunny days!!  My sisters favorite places is now one of my own 😉

Have a nice week – and we still hope for rain……..


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