August – RAIN!


It has been there all summer.
I have looked in it often.
Very often!
Always empty.
No, not completely empty……
A spider lived there during the first dry weeks.
But it died of heat strokes, I think, only the net was left.
It has only collected dead leaves and insects all throughout the summer.
Never rain!!!
Until this week – finally !!!
Over 40mm during the gone week,  and today it’s raining!
The grass has begun to grow again and the water in the pond does not sink anymore.
One of the fishes died a few weeks ago, but we think the other one is left. Ronny put a water pump in the pond, which has oxygenate the water, and we fed it with corn. We hope it likes it and survives.


We look back on a very hot and dry summer.
Wonderful weather – really – but too much is just that – TOO MUCH!!
I hope I will never experience such a summer again.
It’s been sad to not be able to water plants and see the lawn die. See the cows in the meadows eat boring feed from last year, instead of fresh green grass. See the birches drop their yellow leaves in June. And then this concern about forest fires and if the whater in the well is going to end.

Now summer has returned to ”normal” temperatures and  normal weather. Some rain and a little sunshine – just as it should be – I like!

We are looking forward to a beautiful autumn with high and clear sky. And lovely forest walks, perhaps we can find some chantarelles, now when the rain has come.

Wish you all a fantastic Sunday!

I´m going to enjoy the rain 😉



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