This summer – PHU!!!!

I have never…….    My father (87 years old) has never………. It has not been so hot any summer in Sweden since the weather measurements started 260 years ago!!!! This summer we will remembered!


As a Swede, I did not think it could be ”too much summer”. We usually say like this: ”the Swedish summer – love that day!” (So last year!)

Our guests in the ”Uthuset” have also had a ”hot time”. Fortunately, the house is quite cool, but not this summer! Many has told us, that they have brought sweaters and jackets……..”we are going to Sweden…….”

Only 4 kilmometers from us, we got a small beach…….frequented visited this summer. (Like last time I cleaned the house, and got so warm and sveaty – I must go for a bath!!) The beach was not so crowded this day 😉




There have been many baths in our beautiful lakes near by……..



We cool down with bathing, cold drinks and some of us rolling in the morning cold gravel 😉

Yesterday, we visited ”Willab Garden” a store selling greenhouses. This is my dream for next summer……..a darkred greenhouse by the pond = lovely!

When we got home, Ronny ”hit the sticks” that marked the size of the house and we decided what position it should have. Now we need to dig…….



Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Lotta & Ronny

(And now we see some ”normal” summer temperatures on the weather forecast!)

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