Welcome 2019

Happy new year!

fullsizeoutput_147eThe first blog post this year will be about the forest.
Always in January and February we work a lot in the forest. In the last few weeks, Ronny has sawn down many trees because they grow too tight. It called to ”gallra”. And at the same time he remove bushes and small trees.

Today I was out and took care of a small area with trees. I would definitely not cut them down, oh no, I just cut off the bottom branches, so light comes down to the ground, and we can walk among the trees without getting caught in branches.
Soon the moss will begin to grow there again.

I like to take ”before” and ”after” pichtures. This is ”before”…….


…….and this is ”after”.


Now we can see the nice ”stone fence yard” (gärdsgård in swedish). The whole nature is full of both large and small stones. These stone fences are built to make fields, but also for animals – heavy work! And I think they are so beautiful.
It’s great to be out in the woods and work.
When there is a big pile of twigs and branches, I fire them up. Sometimes it will be grilled hot dogs over the fire, but not today. Our small cats (Svante & Sven-Ingvar) also like to be out in the forest. It´s so exciting. They never go out in the forest alone, always with us. And if they come too far away, or if they can´t see us, we hear anxious mewing………Mjauuuuuu…..were are you!!!!?????

We also work with a path towards our own small (…..or small and small) attraction, so our guests can go and visit him  😉

He is called Mr Grankwist (meaning ”spruce twig” in Swedish). When we were close to the big tree (330 cm in circumference) I found a deer trail just behind the tree. We followed the path a little bit into the forest. This path, the deer has done and uses it often, we could see.


fullsizeoutput_14fbThe deer path……can you see it?

We hope for a wonderful 2019!


Greetings from Lotta & Ronny in the forest 🙂

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