Winter in Januari

30 Januari – Still snowing……and Ronny  do ”the winter woorkout” 😉

(It´s now we need the ”snow-sticks” beside the road!)

My white winter country – I like!

I like the snow. Nature becomes so bright and nice.
The nights we have moonlight, it never gets really dark.
For a few days we have a lot of snow. My little black cats, Svante and Sven-Ingvar, can’t hide so well in the white snow. They are clearly visible.
Usually, when they come in to the house, they are full of dirt. Now when we have snow and come in, they are clean and nice.

It’s not just in the outhouse we have guests – oh no…..

In our stump – ”Tomtebo” – the plots live.

Now they have come home, because it shines in the windows……



Greetings from a white and cold Slamrekullen.


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