Finally a rainy day :)

This year, the summer began during the Easter weekend!

Since then thera has been sun, sun and sun again. Spring needs rain to start sprouting. It has been so dry in the forest. In several places in Sweden we have alreasy had forest fires. ”Should it begin already” I have thought. (Last year we were without rain for two months and the forest fires ravaged). Not fun! BUT! Yesterday, at noon it started to rain ant it has been raining since then. I often write blogs and take pichtures on sunny days, but not today. Today it will be a rainy blog!

Strawberry bloom - love the rain!

Infront of the house this year, thousands of little violets bloom, they also like the rain.

It is also time to get the boat in to the lake. Ronny washes it, then it will be painted by me – white is the color. Then, during the week, we drive it down to our nearest little lake – Trollasjön. Lovely summer evenings await.

Fishing trip in Trollasjön last year.

Now, I´m going out to make the house ready for new guests coming tomorrow from Germany. The glasses must be shiny and clean, so I always machine wash them between each guest. A fun thin in the cabinet is all these spices that become more and more. In the beginning I put salt, pepper and sugar in the cabinet. The spices multiply beforehand. Now there is a large collection.

Wish you all a lovely rainy day 😉


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