GEKÅS IN Ullared! I must write a blogg about Gekås. Some of our guest visiting us just because we are close to Gekås – others have never heard of Gekås – ”It´s the Happy ones” according to Ronny 😉 World famous? Yes almost! We live close by,(10 km) visiting ”the big yellow department store” about once a month. It has become a little more frequent during spring and summer when we would have bedding, towels and a whole lot of other things for our ”Uthus”. There is almost everything there – everything that you can fit in a car …… that’s what I have heard. They do not sell anything that does not fit in a car …….

Every summer it became a sales record, last time it happend – peope shop for over 45 MILLION SWE KRONES !!!! ON A DAY!!!! CRAZY!!!! Every authumn (before Christmas) it´s a shopping Mecca! You can´t go there in the weekends, it´s SO crowded with people. It´s nice to have it close, so you can just go home agian if you like 🙂

Here are some fascinating figures about this department store:     1700 people work during high season.     The shop area is 35,000 square meters.     There are 69 outlets.     12 000 customers can shop at the same time.     12000 shopping carts.     8000 customer baskets.     4500 parking spaces.     For one year, 150 million goods pass through the cash registers.     The visitor record was beaten on July 21, 2019, when 31500 customers traded.     The longest line outside the department store was measured on October 30, 2010. The sex was 1.4 km long.     In 2014, 4.8 million people visited the department store, which makes it Sweden’s largest excursion / visitor destination!     For a week, the department store is emptied of goods 3 times!     Each customer picks up goods for 15: – in minutes!     700,000 pairs of jeans are sold per year.     13 million pairs of socks / year.     320 000 bags Ahlgrens cars (candy) / year.     100,000 packages of freezer bags / day.     25,000 yellow plastic bags / day.     100 million bullforms / year.     1 700 000 bottles of shampoo / year.

Yesterday it was football! (Sweden – Germany) On with the yellow ”winner” sweater! Inportant match – win or go… was Germany who had to say ”goodbye” and go home. It was so exciting and I screamed loudly when Sweden made goals….. so it was probably heard in to our German guest in the cottage 😉 Summer in Sweden, it´s also football. Many restaurants and pubs in the city have large screen tv.s and its a real action in there. (Last year we saw football (also Sweden – Germany) with our dear guests from Munich…..then Sweden lost. But that was special….not often you have the opposing team in the same sofa! Now I will hang up my yellow sweater to the next match against the Netherlands on Wendesday. Wish you all a lovely Sunday.


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