There are different kinds of bubbles ;)

Day one bubbles and day two bubbels…… now I will tell you about my bubbels 🙂 Monday – new guests arrive in the afternoon. The house must be clean and nice. I like to fix and make it nice for our guests. Our guests should just go in, unpack and then start their holiday without a lot of things to fix.

So I pack my basket and make some bubbles.

Coffee, danc music on Spotify, I found an old list of Wisex songs from the 80s, and I knew them all! and the broom handle can work as a mic……. I´m on the go!

Three hours later.

Slamrekullen is ready to welcome a family from Germany. Hope they will enjoy their stay with us. Now to the next day, and to another kind of bubbels – we went to Gothenburg and Liseberg 🙂

More about Liseberg in the next blogg…..


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