Tropical nights

We are not made for this! Our houses is not built for tropical tempertures above 30 degrees Celcius. They are built to withstand rain, wind and snow!

Therefore, it gets very hot in the summer when the heat gets in under the roof.

In the cottage, the sleeping loft is on the second floor, it is the hottest place in the cabin. Off course you can open the loft door and the window so the wind can come in, but when the wind is over 20 degrees in the night…….

Now we have placed a portable ari condition downstairs. It´s lovely! It cools down the entire cottage and it becomes a comfortable temperature.

August it is.

All flowers bloom, we harvest vegetables in the green house, tomatoes, cucumbers and chilli. The summer is still ”ON”, but…….the bright summer nights are about to fade.

Yesterday, we were on a party with our dear neighbors, and we noticed that after 9, it was almost dark! The summer is not over, but when the bright summer nights are gone, we know that soon………

Oh…….I just regret this pichture…….. Right now, this image seems like another coundry and a different world!

I try another one….

Last year we hade 2 fish in the pond, but sadly they died. The summer was to hot, no rain. Because of that, we put a small fountain in the pond, only for our 12 gold fish, to oxygenate the water. They are alert and sometimes we can see them swim just under the fontain in the cascade of bubbles.

I have found some chantarelles in the forest, not so many, but if we can get some rain, there will ve many more.

In our ”forest garden” we have often visit – deers. One morning, just behind the pond, there was this two….. The moose are there too, but you have to be very lucky to see them.

Last week I was out – together wit my lovely cats – (they always want to come out in the forest with me). We went down to our fir planting. Last year we plant almost 2000 fir plants. Now the grow in the gras. Some of them – perhaps – will be Christmas trees 😉

In my basket i collect material for ”Tomtebo”.

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!

Now I´m going out to the lingonberry rice 🙂


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