Liseberg – a fun place :)

Drive to Gothenburg and Liseberg takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Slamrekullen. I think Liseberg is a Disney world in miniature. We have been to Disney World – ” Magic kingdom” in Orlando, and I can see many similarities. A beautiful park, nice streets reminding of a old city. There are small shops in the houses. There are no Mickey Mouse or Donald Trump ….. oh, sorry, I mean Donald Duck…..walking around. No, we got the green Liseberg rabbit. There are many ”terror rides” on different attractions – rollercosters, carousels, water rides…..

Spinning – play on – a chocolate wheel can mean that you have to carry several kilos of chocolate around in the park, we saw many who did that!

We have a favorite restaurant at Liseberg – Hamnkrogen. It´s a fish- and seafood restaurant. We were not disappointed yesterday either. As a starter – Toast Skagen, (classic Swedish starter). As the main dish – baked cod. The best I have eaten so far this summer. There are many resturants, pubs, cafe´and a lot of good things to eat……jammi!

It´s not only summertime you can visit Liseberg. Oh no, my favorite is ”Christmas at Liseberg” open in middle of November. A lovely place you can visit to get Christmas mood – absolutley wonderful!

But now it´s summer!!! Summer greetings from Lotta & Ronny at Liseberg


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