When it rains and rains…..

Fy! What a windy and rainy week we had!

What can we do?

Read detective stories adn eat ice cream, drink some wine in the greenhouse and just wait….

When we had waited for several days, real comfort was needed – we went down over the ”Hallandsåsen” to Magretetorp. Our favorite (restaurant) place. And we were not disappointed now either. We ate a lovely summer buffet.

One day, two little ducklings were sitting on a rock. The next day there was only one 😦

In the rain and wind it sat on the stone – all alone. ”it should have a small house”, I said to Ronny. Such a duck house as Mandelmans has, floating on the pond. Then the little duckling would be safe from hunting birds and hunting cats!

What did my kind Ronny do then? Jo, he start to build a small floating house for the little duckling. It turn out so well. Later we built a ramp so the duckling could get upp easier.

We have not seen her (it´s a duck girl) inside the house yet, but she sits on the ramp, in front of the house every night. Great place to sleap, it seems. Every morning and evening she gets oatmeal, corn and some salad to eat.

The little duckling seems to like living in the pond, and comes towards me when I lure her, she would like some oatmeal ; )

Summer greetings from Slmrekullen 🙂


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