Lovely summer evenings

We like to sit in front of the greenhouse and watch the birds and the fish, me and Svante. We have some goldfish and grass carp in the pond. Sometime they make a splash 🙂

Many swallows flying over the pond, trying to catch insects. And our cute little mallard ”Anki” swims around, dives and looks for food. We feed her with oatmeal, she likes that. She has been living in our pond for three weeks now. When she get close to us, Svante´s tail starts moving back and forth……….he has a bird ban!

We have many green tomatoes in our greenhouse 😉 I´m waiting for them to mature…..

But, while I wait, I can pick some blueberries! Now it´s blueberrytime in the forest 😉

Soon more birds will come to us – chickens! Today Ronny started to put up the fence around the hen house. I have painted inside and put up curtains 🙂 If the hens thrive well, then there will be good eggs – I think!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 🙂


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