A brand new year – 2021

This year´s New Year´s card from Slamrekullen.

We got some snow during the last days of December. It made everything atmospheric and winter crisp and bright. I have written many times about what happens when we get snow. The dark forest suddenly becomes bright. When we have moonlight, as it has been for a few nights now, it´s just bright like a late afternoon. I like snow, mostly because it will be bright and nice in the forest and that the cats come in with cleans paws 😉 The paws are clean, but very cold and they like to lie in my knee or in front of the fireplace to warm up.

Can you see, it´s lit in the hen house! The light is on, bur no one is home yet.

We celebrated the New Year with our wonderful neighbors at Mossahägnad.

2020 would be celebrated away – POFF!

On with the extra red lipstick and the same dress that I had during the first (and only) fine-dress-night on the boat (Adventure of the seas) in the Gulf of Mexico in March. It was just then that everything ”normal” stoped to be ”normal”. The virus exploded over the world. Flights stopped going between countries. Could we come home?

Yes, we came home! Lovely! Now we need to be in quarantine some weeks and not meet someone. It´s okey. We are home now. We can work in the forest. Clear forest and make fire. ”Cought – Cough!” Wow, we have made a lot of fires and smoke today, ”caugh – cough!

”I have had a chough”, said Ronny. ”And I feel a little bit sick!” And I think I have some fever. And some more fever. And some more chough. Is it Corona? We do not know, because no one get any test. We call 1177 ”Healthcare information”. Well, it sounds like you have Corna, they said. Ronny was really bad in two weeks time, with a high fever and breathing probelms.

At the same time, a restraining order was introduces in all nursing homes through the country, which is good, but we are not allwed to visit our old father who has problem with his stomach and needs surgery. This was the worst thing. Not being able to be with him and hold his hand. The operation failed and he did not make it. Tears, cough, worries, fever and more tears. It´s my memory of spring 2020.

With one small exeption. A fantastic, lovely, cute little exeption – Wilma! My niece´s little girl who was born in May.

När lillan kom till jorden, det var i Maj när göken gol. Sa mamma att det lyste av vårgrönt och av sol. (When the little one came to earth, it was in May when the cuchoo was barking, Mother said that it was shining of spring-green and of sun).

My power place. Here I sat on my blanket in front of the pond in April.

We did not think we would get a single guest in our cottage for the whole 2020, but we did! Many new, lovely Swedish guests found us, and during the autumn, Germans and Danes also dared to return.

Like an ugly, smelly, sticky cardigan, I think of 2020.

At 00:00 on New Year´s eve, I threw it off and I burned it up in a glow of fireworks and I toasted in champagne ”Happy New Year” and – YIPPI KAY YAY ……..

Welcome 2021 🙂

Welcome spring with cultivation in the greenhouse.

Welcome small hens, and perhaps quails?

Welcome our lovely guests in the cottage.

And welcome more snow! Wendestday looks like this…….

A New Year´s promise?


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