Wow, what a winter we got!

Finally winter! This is what I was waitning for. A real winter with frost and thich ice on all lakes. We have almost had – 20 celcius, several times this week! When it´s so cold, the nose hairs freeze together when you breathe 🙂 but I like it!

The cats, on the other hand, do not like it that much. It´s cold on the little paws. They only go out for short periods. Sharpend their claws on the railing and take a chort walk on the ice. Then directly back home to the sofa in front of the frieplace.

Moonlight over the forest and over my smal snölykta.

The greenhouse is in sleep under a thick, white winter blanket. Wondering when I can start fixing there? It will not be during the coming week anyway, because the strong winter will continue next week as well. But in a month I will start sowing my little seeds 🙂

While I wait to grow my own greenery, I can always go to our nice and special flower shop, ”Blomsterfrid” to enjoy and get inspiration. I was there this week to order some flowers and as always admire the florists Morgan and Susannes fine work. In our information folder, we of course have tips for our guests to pay a visit to Fridhemsberg, just 15 minute drive from us. (There is also a lovely bakery across the street). Now I want to show you some pictures that I took from their Instagram.

Wish you a lovely Sunday!

Winter hugs from Slamrekullen.


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